Edmodo is the leading primary and secondary social network in the world which is dedicated to connecting all learners with the people and resources in order to reach their full potential. It can be useful for parents and teachers owing to very high standard features. Edmodo mission is to empower learners based on it's social learning network across the globe.

It obsessed with educators because teachers can help to realize the potential of work and try to emulate them in a way that they can do everything. In order to create the opportunities for success, the organization focuses on developing the tools which personalize learning and encourage growth. The company is resourceful enough to be creative and honest enough to keep the things most reliable and straightforward.


If you're showing tendency to became a teacher to share your knowledge and change the lives of students, you can consider Edmodo implemented tools which were especially designed for teachers that included web, insights, parents & careers, mobile, Edmodo Spotlight, and support. With the technology, it connects the relationship between students and teachers in an environment. It is free for students and teachers. It can be available on online for free including Windows, Android, and iOS mobile devices. Edmodo Web is easy, secure, supportive, connected, interactive, and versatile. 

It reinforces and enhances the intuitive features like unlimited storage, assign home work, ability to create groups, manage groups, and set quizzes and much more all on one platform. With the use of this tool, you can make a control over your digital classroom. This tool helps you to determine who can join in group codes, monitor member activity, ensure they remain private, and safety is built in right in. It provides new innovative ways for students in such a way that they can engage, participate, and express their views. Know more about the edmodo tutorials to get started

You can conduct polls, post discussion topics, and award badges and more in order to foster communication and make learning social. If you need any help from the organization, you can directly ask for community of educators who will provide you efficient solution within a couple of minutes. You can integrate educational content into your digital teaching and grow your professional learning network. 


Edmodo Insights is a micro-assessment tool which allows you to check out the student academic progress on a regular basis. In addition to this, you can gain the advantage of quick close of learning gaps. You can go through free trial of insights for KS4 Maths and English curriculum. If you want more about insights tools, you can purchase them through edmodo.com. 

Parents and Careers

Edmodo Parent and Careers account ensures to involve the entire families in learning and inviting them to view upcoming assignments, handed in, or past the headline, important classroom announcements, events, or reminders, and when, where, and how their child needs most support.


This tool is helpful for teachers to know what improves learning outcomes and encourage your achievements to support others. If you want to make an impact on someone else's progress in a positive way or need content for next lesson, you can consider worldwide community of sharing that you can trust on everything which is Edmodo Spotlight. It has been tried and tested by teachers in order to support your classroom teaching. You can showcase and share your successes through this tool. It included various types of benefits such as upload, share or even sell your original educational content, create collections of your favourite resources, and discover free and premium tools, games, apps, and more. 


You can access Edmodo app on your mobile device with free of charges whenever and wherever you want. This mobile app is available for iOS, Android, iPad, iPhone, and Windows. Through this mobile application, you can gain the advantages like manage and mark assignments from your own comfort and experience the new level of freedom with the digital classroom. 


As Edmodo is free learning social network wherein students and teachers can collaborate each other with efficient communication and share their resources, you can create your own school or district community with the help of various available tools. This platform enables you to better support teachers, gain visibility into engagement, and build teacher capacity with powerful PD tools. 


With the management tool, you can manage your school, students and teachers can do activities in a better way. Because, it provides various features like secure and real-time analysis including detailed analysis, teacher engagement, data and measurement into student's progress, and usage adoption across department, subject, whole school, and school chains. Additionally, it has other features such as streamline onboarding with single sign-on and student information system integration that can be automatically provision accounts and manage rostering. 


You can gain insight into your school environment or district based on real-time analytics that measure activity and management. Through insights tool, you can get a high-level view and drill down to identify your most active schools or areas that need support. 

Edmodo PD Tools

It facilitates the collaborative and communication network where students can gain the advantage of continuous learning by connecting with teachers in your school or district communities of practice. You can easily create virtual professional learning communities and recognize professional growth in the relevant practices.  - Visit the edmodo play section


Edmodo offers easier way to strengthen connections throughout the organization based on using similar functionality that gets individuals connected. It is essentially designed to enhance collaboration and communication. Including this, it can help you to discover how world's leading education platform assist you to engage the educators in even more useful and meaningful ways. Accordingly, it has been included different types of tools such as communities, collections, and PD Tools. 


By using established public or private communities at edmodo.com, you can empower the existing educator network and enhance their skills. So it leads to create an environment wherein teachers can get advice, share resources, and support one another's successes. 

PD Tools

PD Tools has been designed to build teacher capacity even further by streamline organization-wide professional development. It will allow you to distribute materials, awards badges, and encourage best practices. Edmodo app is available for everyone who can access the services without paying any charges. 


It creates an exclusive environment that can securely centralise and sync all of your resources. This collections can be accessed by your members of the organization. It makes easier to discover, collect, and share valuable content that enhance the value of lesson plans and supports learning objectives. 


This essential tool offers you services with a high quality bank of questions and quizzes that are aligned to the curriculum for KS4 Maths and English language. Insights are very helpful for teachers to create mini-assessments and delivers valuable progression data in an instant. In order to cope-up with upcoming technology environment, the organization partnered with Microsoft to introduce users to the benefits of cloud productivity technologies. Because, Microsoft award winning One Note, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word allows the teachers and students to create, edit, and view files within the platform. So, it create a way that they can even store and share all of their work at all in one place. Sway and OfficeMix accounts also available at Microsoft that let you log into Edmodo by using their Microsoft accounts. 


If you want to develop a web or mobile app for Edmodo, you need to consider one important note is that you reach millions of teachers and make a direct impact on classrooms around the world. Whether your designed app is relevant to biology, math, language arts, science, or including free or premium, your API must integrate into the Edmodo platform's core functionality seamlessly by retaining its most popular features. Partnering with this company let you test the app from the perspective of teachers and students and gain insight into how being it's used. You can send feedback to the company that may helpful for increasing the app even further and help teachers and students make the grade. 


Edmodo Spotlight is an effective environment wherein educators can share their views and access the valuable information of resources very easily without any hassles. Teachers can publish their own content, rate and review what's being shared and voices which resources are most effective. You can leverage the reach of the communication network by bringing your premium content to spotlight. It makes easier to share the materials across key stage and subjects from classroom materials to PD tools. 


The authorized channel partner program helps you to get assistance by its value added resellers and system integrators to increase profit and success by offering a leading educational platform, a success-focused portfolio, and a dedicated channel team. Edmodo users already use the leading educational platform and proved that making of adoption is easy. In order to engage the services, sales, and marketing teams from the initial stages, the company provides various tools and resources. A success focused portfolio is essentially designed to deliver collaboration and professional development solutions. These solutions provide the highest quality of content and programs. 


As similar as the sharing of content on edmodo.com, it wants to share the resources for it's brand in order to promote the partnership. Based on assets, product, website, service, and collateral, you can use it's trademark and brand effectively. 


From the online website edmodo.com, you can find opportunities for inspiration, collaboration, and more by proper utilization of compiled series of resources. You can find a wide variety of tools and resources such as featured videos and articles for teachers. Under featured videos, you can get the information of your account, parent account, planner, assignments, groups, communication, quizzes & polls, and library & folders. Featured articles included polls & march madness, Edmodo discussions, 5 tips for parents getting started, student assessment, the glue that connects, student standing in a snap, and 10 tips for getting started. Administrators also can use resources of the company and they subsumed videos, resources, and case studies. In the section of case studies, you can get to know updated information of Chula Vista, Chesterfield, and Coachella. Available videos involving member management, PD tools, and admin account features. The resources included topic for administrators, admin features overview, and teacher quick start guide. 

Edmodo Workshop

It customized to experience the collaborative environment in order to meet the needs of teachers in experience to the key stage levels and subject. The certified trainer covers core tools and resources that ensuring participants learn everything about the company and leave the course with best practices for the classroom. It is a self-paced education unit and alternative training tool from which educators can learn from every feature effectively and students can learn the skills. The certified trainer will help the teachers to learn how to incorporate Edmodo Indonesia into their existing classroom workflow and it demonstrates how it helps to enhance the student engagement and outcomes. The learning program specialists will combine with you to design the training which meet the needs of your staff and schedule. 


By using blog, inspiration, and events, you can make the introductions through online and offline. It has an impact on everyone in the network. For every question you arise, countless people are waiting to give you answers, insights, and support with efficacy. If you're the beginner to access the technology or need any creative ideas to contribute, it will show you the way in which you can get tips, best practices, and perspectives from the people who have proficient knowledge about the company. 

As a teacher or student of the community member, you can share your views and experiences with the organization so that other persons can grab the opportunity to learn the skills in their own interests. Edmodo conducts the events to learn more and it will arrange the events to meet up with new and familiar faces. So that, it has been planned for every weekends and each is designed to connect you with educators across the globe. Available events at edmodo.com has been involved perfecting PBL, Edmodochat, Virtual Educa 2017, Early childhood development, digital citizenship week, and EdmodoCon Debrief. 


With Edmodo School, you can create a community and save time for your school or district. Using community, you can send out important news and updates on a real-time basis. Accordingly, your members can receive notifications from the community through a mobile app or email alerts. You can share information about important dates such as school anniversary, athletic events, and fundraisers, and much more.

In addition to these, you can collaborate with professional colleagues in the sense that keep in touch with fellow administrators and teachers across the district or school. In order to create a stronger learning and teaching community, it offers a wide variety of resources and techniques to enhance the ability of learning environment. If any student reached an achievement, you can celebrate the moment with a quick message and motivate the community. 


At Edmodo, it gives most importance to people's ideas, advices, and potential because they played prominent role directly on how teachers teach and students learn. Accordingly, every employee of the company approaches projects with passion, ownership, and best intentions. It always aim for providing great and efficient ways to improve the products, approaches, and services. Under this organization's environment, you can feel more than just co-workers, friends, neighbour's, and biggest cheerleaders. 

Benefits and Perks

Understanding of offline is equally important and it is committed to provide the day-to-day lives of teachers and students which is reflected in the dedication to better the lives of employees. The benefits included domestic partner coverage, medical, dental & vision insurance coverage for employees, paid Caltrain GoPass, free catered lunch, snacks, and drinks, happy hours, company outings, onsite weekly messages available at a discounted rate, coverage for disability, life, AD & D insurance, market competitive compensation package including stock options, 10 paid holidays, 401 plan, flexible time off, open floor plan office with great views, paid gym membership, company sponsored speaker series, and employee referral program. 

If you want to make inspire others and handle the challenges as a teacher, you can refer the open positions. No matter what you are doing in office, you are the responsible for impacting the people who present in classrooms. Current open positions are software engineer front end, product manager, iOS engineer, search engineer, senior infrastructure engineer, Android engineer, data analyst, and product designer. 


You can experience global distribution and view your app that get used in international curriculums. Edmodo's API makes easier for developing the tools and compelling content which directly engages teachers and students. This online platform is safe, secure, easy, integrated, and multi-platform. Edmodo Connect is very useful especially for teachers and they can easily decide what resources are appropriate for their students learning. Implementation of login solution to your site or app is very simple but it requires a little development time. The API platform allows the teachers to communicate with students and groups within their practice areas and eliminates the need to switch between apps. Specifically, single log-in feature maintains the accessing of user services through mobile app or online website. 


The main advantages of snapshot involved standards aligned question bank, resources to help you reteach, anytime and anywhere assessment, and immediate & actionable feedback. In the advantage of standards aligned question bank, all you need to do is pick your subject area and standard. Based on your selected options, snapshot instantly create the formative listing of quizzes for students as a exit ticket or warmup or whatever you choose for. Standard snapshot is a real-time development tool that means you can recognize which lessons are making an impression and where students need to get more attention. You can use the information for personalize learning as well. It automatically recommends standard aligned resources that can help you to close learning gaps. Directly from your snapshot preview page, you can enjoy the activities, games, lesson plans, and other more resources to preview and assign. Whether students and teachers are using it in a class or at home, you can use snapsot because it is very easier integrate into your workflow. It is available on web browser and mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. 


This organization is very different from other education technology companies owing to it is created by educators for educators. So that, it has a direct relationship between teachers, parents, and students using this platform. That's the reason it built a number of privacy protections for students and teachers directly into your product that including doesn't collect geo location tracking information, only personally identifiable information need to provide by students that creates an account for their first and last name, parental involvement is built into the platform, doesn't rent or sell student information to third parties for marketing or advertising purposes, etc. 

It has numerous employees who mostly focused on privacy related issues like a user trust safety & trust team, a chief privacy officer, a team of security engineers, and made up of employees from almost every aspect of the company who continually monitor and improve the safety and security of services. The company is interested in providing awareness and offering learning tools for students and teachers not commercialising it. 

The mission is to educate the students on privacy related issues. It has created resources for educators, students, and parents with privacy best practices and guidelines including industrial resources. The privacy resources are included various types such as safety best practices, terms of service, digital citizenship starter kit, four of the biggest myths surrounding the student data debate, how digital learning contributes to deeper learning, protecting student privacy act 2014, protecting your child's privacy online, data privacy and schools, what every parent should be asking about education data, etc. 

In accordance with the privacy policy terms and conditions, it will collect and use the information from its service users subsuming the treatment of identifiable information.