Edmodo for Parents

Edmodo for Parents has been designed to keep stay on updated information including upcoming assignments, teacher announcements, homework submissions, and much more. It creates a safe way to connect with their children's classrooms, on the go, and on their schedule. It lets the parents to access daily calendar and newsfeed features including view upcoming homework or overdue, see lesson, quiz, and event schedules, get notified when assignments are turned in, link all their children's Edmodo accounts, and read and review teacher announcements. 

Whether you're a teacher, you can use the mobile application which lets you to get the benefits of this education platform very easily and conveniently. It makes sure whatever you teach during the day will be strengthened at night by getting the whole family engaged in learning and inviting them to view what tasks are coming, turning, and maturing, important classroom announcements, events, and reminders, and when and where you and their children need support. 

Using this Edmodo education platform, your final homework assessment will have more time to focus on progress. In order to show off the success it makes Edmodo Spotlight which can aim to get best ideas shine in education wherever you can that subsuming find devices, apps, games, and more free and more quality, create collections from preferred sources, and upload, share or sell your original education content. 

The mobile app learning takes place inside and outside the classroom that makes you ready to study anytime and anywhere. You can connect with all mobile devices whether Android, iPhone, or Windows. You can use it in the classroom, at home, and Edmodo on the Go. BYOD to learn and do in-class polls in order to measure understanding, manage and rate the assignment from your convenient place, and take your classes with you and experience a whole new level of freedom. Through Edmodo Support, you can gain best help which is more comfortable whether you're new to Edmodo or want to get to know better with the help of a team which is dedicated to your success. This team is very useful for you to learn more features and account types through the community support wherein you can directly ask the questions and it's easy to get Edmodo expertise technology in an instant. 

It has many other advantages such as easy, secure, connected, interactive, support, and multipurpose. With everything on platform, Edmodo reinforces and improves what you have done in the classroom. You can give students new ideas to engage, participate, and express themselves. By using this platform, you can post discussion topics, award badges, polls, and much more to drive communication and social learning. Edmodo for Teachers gives you the insights breathe in the community and your opinions, and your students at home in the center of everything. You can personalize everything whether you're desired to create a paperless classroom, integrate educational content from Edmodo Spotlight, foster digital citizenship skills, and grow your professional social network. Based on the functionality of connecting individuals, Edmodo makes easier to strengthen relationships across organizations.