Edmodo Group Code

Edmodo Group Code plays an important role for members to join your classes or groups or create an account. You ca get the group code very easily in order to join your class or group. You can locate your code through settings option wherein you can do lock, unlock, or reset it. Unlocked codes help the users to join in a class or groups or create an account. The codes will automatically lock 14 days after creating a class or group or resetting the code. 

Specifically, locked codes can still be used to join a class or group. If a locked or an old code is used, a student will either an approval queue and the owner will have to approve the join request. The user can unlock and reset the code by clicking the lock icon which is next to the code in the settings window or clicking the down arrow button next to the code in the upper right-hand corner of the page. After that, you need to choose reset code or unlock. Edmodo Group Code is one of the way to join a group or class whether you're a student or teacher. 

Another way is Join URL which is a link that helps you to add students to an approval queue for the group owner to approve. If you want to join in a group no matter whether you're a teacher or student, you need to follow some easier steps to become the member or join in a group. For that, you need to get group code or join URL from the teacher who owns the group or co-teacher. Once if you get a group code from your teacher or co-teacher, you can login and click join a group button on the bottom of the groups list which is available on left side of the home page. 

After that, you need to enter group code and click join button. You should get this code from your group teacher. If the group code is unlocked, you will be added to the group. Otherwise, you will be added in the queue to get approval from if your group code is locked and need to wait for response from group teacher or co-teacher to get the approval. You're required to enter the join URL if you already have a join URL and log in to Edmodo

Later, click the join request button and you'll be placed automatically in an approval queue for the group. If your group teacher or owner of the group confirmed your request, you will be in the group. Students can join in a group when they create an account by going through the online website edmodo.com. On behalf of sign up, you need to enter group code and you will be in the group when you've done with signing up option. If you're a student and want to join in a digital class room at Edmodo. You can easily join in classrooms if you already have a student account at edmodo.com by using either a group code or join URL. You can find the group code by clicking on class name which is available at the top of the right side panel. You need to follow the steps which including login to his or her previously created Edmodo account, click the join a class button, and type a code on the popup box.