Edmodo Indonesia

As Edmodo is a global education network which connects all learners, it extends the services to Indonesians. Accordingly, Edmodo Indonesia provides many benefits such as intuitive features, create groups quickly, unlimited storage, schedule quizzes, deliver homework, manage progress, and more. It has been designed to give you complete control over your digital class. It is available in mobile application that can help the users to get confidence in learning and teaching throughout the day to night with full support. 

You can do other activities through online website edmodo.com which subsumed collection deadlines, sharing assignments, events, class announcements, set reminders, and much more. Additionally, you can find best educational content around the web and it offers a tool of Edmodo Spotlight which gives you a assistance to find free or paid tools, games, apps, and create collections from your favourite sources. 

Along with these features, you can even sell, share, or upload your original educational content. Using Edmodo Indonesia online website, you can create an account for free whether as a teacher, a parent, or a student. It is closely coupled with Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Onenote and Office. In order to access Google Drivemu or working with Google Docs, you need not worry about the remembering a multiplication password because it supports both Microsoft and Google. Based on same functionality into connected individuals, Edmodo makes easy to strengthen relationships across organizations. 

It enhances the cooperation and communication with the designed tools that included PD tool, collection list, and community. Through community, it gets everyone together in one place which influences the power of existing network of educators and develop their skills with advanced societies on public or private edmodo. Accordingly, teachers can get advice, resources, and mutual support success. By using PD tool, users can improve the efficiency of professional development throughout the organization in order to distribute materials and encourage best practices. It can pair it with your members and give everyone automatic success from scratch. You can gain the advantages like securely centralize and align all your resources in an exclusive environment. 

In addition to these, dynamic repository tool facilitates you to easier way to find, collect, and share valuable content that adds and supports learning purposes. The best thing about community of Edmodo Indonesia is that its educators who help the users to get the benefits such as ambassador Edmodo support, Edmodo Spotlight Luminary, and certified edmodo trainer. You can help others to learn 21st century learning skills at Edmodo and beyond. Certified Edmodo Trainer gives the best trail edtech model and introduce educators about this learning platform. 

You can share best resources and let your success be center stage through spotlight luminary. Specifically, it is easy to use and quick to learn based on its collected set of resources in order to maximize from your Edmodo account. In support of this, it provides various types of articles and videos to get inspiration, collaboration, and more. Featured videos related to parent account, communication, group, tasks, planner, and quiz & questionnaire.