Edmodo Mobile

Edmodo Mobile is available for free on Android, iPhone, and iPad. It is accessible from any mobile device with internet capabilities. You can integrate Edmodo into your mobile learning initiatives such as bring Edmodo on your next field trip, provide homework support, host back channel discussions, and check in with your class while you're out. It provides each student with a mobile device or divide students into small groups, and ensuring at least one cell phone is available in each group.

Through the Edmodo mobile app, students can post scavenger hunt questions, wander through the museum or landmark, polls, or writing prompts. Students can respond or ask questions of their own. You can use the mobile app to host back channel discussions with your students inside or outside the classroom. If you're a student, you can consider mobile app for in-class back channel discussions during read alouds or movies. During key events, you could also host back channel discussions outside the class room in order to help get students thinking about about what they're learning from the event and how it relates to what they're learning in class.

It provides your students with extra support by making yourself available to answer homework questions after school hours. It can allow the students to post the questions directly to the group during specific hours. If you've notifications to setup for messages, you will immediately be alerted to get new questions and immediately you can respond directly from the mobile app easily. If you've planned to go out from the classroom for any period of time, you can use Edmodo Mobile app in order to keep in touch with your students.

Accordingly, you can make a schedule check-ins with the class and have students to answer the questions about their learning. If you're a teacher, you can respond to the questions directly from this mobile app. Whether you're the user of Android, iPhone or Windows mobile device, you can download the app from play store within a couple of moments. If you're the user of iPhone mobile device, you're required to download it from App store on your mobile. Edmodo Mobile app is available on Google Play Store for Android mobile devices. Whereas Windows mobile device users need to go for Windows Store wherein you can download and install the app on your mobile device. As Edmodo is a social networking site for teachers and students, it has a mobile version which can help them to communicate, collaborate, and share the education information.

Teachers can communicate with their students very effectively including post the assignments, encourage discussion, collaboration in their classroom, and conduct the quizzes and polls. It lets the students and teachers to access Edmodo virtually from anywhere, foster learning, and collaboration outside of the classroom. The series of mobile training will demonstrate how to setup an account, use all features, and create groups for students at edmodo.com to create a digital community in your classroom.