Edmodo Play

Edmodo Play creates an environment wherein you can test your knowledge in a way that you can make challenges in Math, US History, Science, and ELA. In a similar manner, you can earn badges and interact with students across the world based on a discussion board. 

How to Access Play

Students need to follow the below steps as follows in order to access the services of Edmodo Play:

  • Primarily, you need to login to Edmodo if you already have a student account at edmodo.com. 
  • Once you logged into your account, you can able to view play icon at the top of web page and click on it. 
  • After that, you can click on any of the notifications on play button. 
  • It will bring you to a question on play. 
  • If you want to go to home page, you can click on "Edmodo Play Beta" at the top left. 


There are 9 different challenges available at Edmodo Play currently. It included Math - 8th grade, 10th grade, and 12th grade, Science - Middle school and high school, US history - high school, and ELA - Elementary, middle school, and high school. You get a unique question everyday and can earn 5 points for answering correctly but even if you answer incorrectly. By clicking on one of the top 10 trending questions, you can access a discussion. 

You can write a comment or post a video or photo in response to a question. By answering the questions, you can earn points in each challenge and also by answering the daily teasers. You can earn different badges for each of the 9 challenges. These badges included Math 12th grade rock star, Math 10th grade pow, Math 8th grade Hipster monster, US history Honorable Historian, ELA Barry the reading bear, ELA Bobbi the bookworm, and science mad scientist. 

Edmodo Play for Teachers

It is an educational resource for students and this is a student-centric addition to Edmodo wherein students are provided with the opportunity to engage with questions aligned to Science, ELA standards, and US standards. Edmodo Play allows the students to earn badges for their work and connect with other students around the world. You can monitor students progress on Play and it has their badges, points, and answer history on their student accounts. It created a only way for teachers to view their students progress on play is for the students to show the teacher their student accounts. Edmodo Play is still in the process of being developed and implements a feature for teachers to see students progress in the future. 

At edmodo.com, you can gain directly impacts how teachers teach and students learn tomorrow. It invests in everyone's ideas, voices, and potential. Each employee approaches projects with passion, best intentions, and ownership. Even though it may no longer need to raise the hands to ask a question or express an opinion, it never lost desire to learn and do more.