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Edmodo Connect allows the teachers to take a decision what resources are appropriate for their students learning activities. The implementation of Edmodo login on your mobile app is very simple and easy but it requires a development time. Edmodo API allows the teachers to connect their students and groups within your product by eliminating the alternation of switching between apps. This single login features allows the users to access features which maintain your user experience across your native iPad, Android, and web apps. 

Edmodo Spotlight helps you to connect with the educational resources. It facilitates an environment wherein you can find, discover, and share content that ensures the improving of student learning, teacher professional development and more. The publisher partners can distribute, share, and sell their original content through Edmodo Spotlight tool. You can also upload free or paid items on this platform and it allows the users to upload one resource at a time. If you want to upload the bulk content, you're required to consider the content specifications to ingest your content.

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